Slow Magento Site? Try this Full Page Cache to make it faster

Magento CMS is notorious for being buggy and hogging the server resources. If it is not tweaked properly, it can be a frustrated experience for the front end users. There are a number of ways  that a Magento site can be faster. Here and here are few tips on how to  tweak the configuration.

However, in my experience, there are mainly two things that will make the big difference.

1. Server side cache

2. Full page cache for the front end.

We installed APC on the server side but we also needed a front end solution. After some research we decided to install Lesti FPC.

It the beginning it worked fine and the speed was very good. But after sometime, we started to find issues with it, so we needed another solution. Since we used Mirasvit’s a number extensions, we decided to try their FPC which comes with a beautiful chart like this one below

Within hours of installing this FPC we could feel the difference. Our response time was lower than before and also the customer logged in/out problem also vanished.

Here are the excerpts of the reasons that we went for this extension over other FPCs.

  • Response time for cached pages for less than < 0.3 sec.

  • Responsiveness time for Default Magento, for instance, comes up to 2-8 sec. Applying this module you can simply make your Magento e-store 6-25 times faster.Full page cache for any page

  • The module makes it possible to have almost every page of your website stored in cache, it can be products, categories, CMS pages and even pages of the 3rd party modules.Allows to exclude certain pages from cache

  • If pages get refreshed very often and there is a need to exclude a certain page or specific group of pages from cache, an extension provides you with very flexible configuration options that enable such exclusion setup.Support of themes for mobile devices

  • The module fully supports the work with different themes for mobile devices. While caching, it takes into account the browser User-Agent./media/info/fpc/chart.pngPerformance ChartSupport different types of cache:

  • Memcache (with multiple server support)ApcRedis (with multiple server support)File CacheDatabaseAll the listed above options can assure you that the module will work with any configuration of your server just perfectly!Support of multi-domains, multi-stores, multi-languages and multi-customer groupsReduces the load on the server and database

  • It proves to be cost-effective when you have to apply less powerful servers.

  • Due to the fact that the module allows the server to generate a page only once (and not repeatedly like default Magento), it significantly reduces the server load. You will are able to use a less powerful server and significantly save here.

  • Automatic clearing related cache, when you changed products, categories etc

  • After adding changes to a product, a category, a CMS page, the module will clear up the cache records that relate to the modified object.

  • This feature is what will keep you confident that you site provides your customers with the most recent data.Build-in crawler to keep cache up to date

If you need an FPC for a Magento site you can consider trying this FPC from Mirasvit


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Alex Morco
Alex Morco

Thanks for this worthy piece of content, I was having an issue with the cart but I moved my hosting to Cloudways and their support team fixed the issue. and Admin page, Cart is working very fast.

Vinay Joshi
Vinay Joshi

Thanks for know us. How to speed up Magneto Site.