Follow up emails automation: Maximise the lifetime value of your E-Commerce customers

There is a myth that Online businesses have low running cost and become profitable in very short time. Which is not true. The expenditure of running an E-Commerce site can be really high, and making it a success isn’t an easy task either considering the fierce competition all of the online businesses face.

Therefore – it is mandatory that online businesses need to maximise the lifetime value of every single customers.

Every business has a different customer and sales lifecycle, hence one of the first things to do before you consider automation is mapping this out. You need to know how you sell, and more importantly, how customers buy. This way you can plan your timings around a typical customer engagement or a sales process.

As Magento regarded the leading e-commerce Content Management System, we will see how the lifetime value of the customers can be maximised in it by following the Green steps of the picture below.


Key requirements of the follow up emails: 

1. Abandoned Shopping cart reminder

2. Review request

3. Ability to cross sell

4. Customer hasn’t logged in for “x” days/months

5. Order status changed (i.e. from order received to dispatched notification)

(The blue fields should be carried out by your main CMS (Magento in this case).

Here is a screenshot of the admin back-end chart and stat.


It is a very powerful and can do wonder (except ability to send emails in a regular intervals, but they informed us that they are working on this).

Some of the tasks this extension can carry out:

  • to turn the potential customers into buyers
  • to remind on the abandoned cart
  • to do the cross-sell based on the previous sales
  • to remind of yourself the old customers who have not visited your site for a long time
  • to offer a discount
  • to remind customers of the need to re-order (for example, if you sell consumables)
  • to congratulate on birthday or other celebration
  • to maintain good relationship with customers, to increase their loyalty

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