How to Write a Fictional Blog

Having your web log or website is an increasing trend. Day by day people are interested to maintain a web space to write about their daily life, views, interests or whatever they want. But blogs are also increasingly being used for fiction or creative writing. In this way someone can share their work with friends, family, peers above all with rest of the world. You can also start your own fictional blog very easily.  


  1. Sign up for a blog for yourself. Be careful when you choose a name for your blog. Think about the bigger picture. Who are your target audience? You can have free sites or if you prepare to spend few quid per month you can have a paid site. Some free sites are,,, and many others. Also you can get a paid site where you will have more freedom. i.e. Showing advert, unique look of your site etc.
  2. Decide about a subject/character you are going to write about. It can be anything from a new “Harry Potter” to “War and Peace”. The most important thing is- would you be interested to write about the same thing after few years? You have to consider the time frame. There is nothing out there called “instant success”. You have to be resilient. Stick to what you have been doing.
  3. Most of the “experts” advise a newbie writer to research the market first and to decide what to write about. My advise is exactly opposite. Just write what you really enjoy. Forget about target audience. If you have a good plot, character and quality writing, you will see you will create a new audience. If you just target the audience for money and success, it will be another “project” among so many others. If J K Rowling would target the audience first, Harry Potter would never be created. You have to have trust what you are doing.
  4. Do not look for readers first. Keep writing and keep posting regularly. You will get regular readers gradually.
  5. Expose yourself as well as your site. You should spend sometime to reading other like minded writers work too. Don’t forget to leave a comment after reading someone else’s blog if you think it is right things to do.



  • Read as much as you can. Follow the same genre you are writing about.
  • Ask friends, family or likeminded people to give you feedback.
  • Always carry a notepad and pen. Keep notes if you have a new idea. Believe me or you will forget it the next day.
  • Think! Think as much as you can for new plot. Use the notepad.
  • To improve your writing get help from this blog. Daily Writing Tips: Fiction Writing

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yacht crew
yacht crew

I see J K Rowling has finally separated from her (extremely) long term literary agent, Chris Little. Can this have something to do with her bypassing the traditional publishing channels and releasing electronic books direct from her new Harry Potter web site, Pottermore? It seems the magical relationship couldn’t survive the harsh scrutiny of commercialism… landing us back in the real world with a bump.


Yo, cool, thanks for the post – sent to some friends – see ya around.