How to Build a Professional Looking Website For Free

This is how to build a web-site that you will love and won’t have to pay for.


  1. Prepare your website plan. Before setting up an account for a free site, decide what the focus of your site will be. Collect Information, pictures, and write some of the text ahead of time to familiarize yourself with your idea and get comfortable with the process. Decide if you will use artwork or photos on your site. Make sure your photos/artwork/music is royalty/copyright free.
  2. Use Google or some other search engine and look for web sites offering free web sites and compare some of your choices. Remember that when using a free services, your website will be supported by advertising to allow you to get in for free.
    • Keep in mind if someday you might want to bump your freebie site up into a higher level and look for those sites that offer that feature.
    • Some sites also offer tools to help the technically challenged in creating their sites. Certain sites also offer levels to get you started off immediately and let you come back later to upgrade and update later as your tech skills grow.
  3. Choose your web-site offering free service. Set your password and username and WRITE THEM DOWN. You would not believe how many people actually forget within an hour of setting their accounts up.
  4. Use Google or another search engine to find images/sounds/graphics that relate to your site – don’t forget to get permission give linkbacks crediting original artwork or material that you are allowed to use.(Linkbacks are small hyperlink graphics or text words with the original creative site’s web address that your visitors can click on to see the original creator’s site).
  5. Find a free WYSIWYG editor. This stands for What You See Is What You Get and is an excellent way to be introduced to the world of building and creating websites.
  6. Consider using website templates. Utilizing website templates allows you to quickly use a pre-made design which you can choose and replace the text with your own to produce a great looking website. Be sure to look for a simple design layout as more sophisticated templates may be difficult to edit until you’re more skilled.


  • Remember to read the site’s rules relating to posting materials (especially copyrighted and mature themed).
  • If you have an idea for your site (any idea even if it is idiotic) then jot it down because there is a HUGE chance it will help someone!
  • If you are having a hard time figuring out things to put on your navigation bar, then you might look at the requested topics on google
  • Take your time with your site – make it yours and give it your personality.
  • Google and Yahoo are good sites for this, but require a little bit of HTML knowledge.


  • You will have to let go of some of your brainstorm ideas! You can’t do everything!
  • Be careful when stating opinions that you avoid using full names or offensive materials – freebie sites can be pulled for offensive materials. Moderation is the key!

Things You’ll Need

  • Internet access
  • paper and pencil or pen for navigation bar ideas!
  • A chunk of free time when you first sit down to start, after that you can spend as much or as little editing, changing, improving and maintaining your site.

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