Slumdog Millionaire

I went to the cinema to watch Danny Boyle’s “Slumdog Millionaire” after reading few good reviews and Amitabh Bachchan’s criticism about the film. I came out with a mixture of sad and sweet feeling. It is not often you hear criticism and praise about a film in the same time, so I was rather curious. I was expecting to experience something from two different perspectives. I was prepared to watch one of the best films of 2008 which already won 26 Awards including  4 Golden Globes and nominated for  another 35 Awards as well as which has depicted India “A third world dirty underbelly developing nation”.


Slumdog Millionaire Official Poster


The film only reminded me the harsh reality I have experienced in South Asia. Whatever country you go in that region, the reality is same. Since I have spent a significant time of my life in Bangladesh, I know how the life is like. I have seen hundreds of “Jamals”  begging in the streets, sleeping in the train stations, picking up recyclable materials from the skips, got beaten by public after unsuccessful pick pocket attempt. Most of them don’t know their identity, don’t know where their parents are. 


Little Jamal watches Amitabh Bachchan fly over him in a Helicopter




Way before the film has been made, I have described the South Asian homeless children’s life to one of my friends (who never been to India/Bangladesh but would love to go for a “holiday”,  while we were talking  about the imbalance of wealth in different parts of the world.

After finishing the film while the audience were taking cautious steps to downstairs, I was trying to over heard what other fellow cinema goers were commenting about the film. Everyone was mesmerized.

But still I am struggling to comprehend why Mr. Bachchan has been difficult towards the plot of the film ?

Is it because “Slumdog Millionaire” does not represent a bunch of spoilt poofs wearing disturbingly colourful clothes and dancing around the globe with another bunch of half naked wannabes ?

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