Site review: -where the junks are funny. The pioneer of the social picture sharing

FunnyJunk is an image and video sharing website where people post funny pictures, animated gifs and funny videos. After posting other users can vote if it is funny or junk and comment on the pictures.  According to its statistics page, everyday it gets on average 600/700 new sign ups, 20m page views and 90k comments. Given the fact that this site has never done any marketing or PR the statistics figures are pretty good.

Registering and uploading something on the site process is pretty simple. From users aspect simplicity strikes a chord. I signed up on the site within few minutes and started voting by clicking on funny or junk options.

The also known as fj among the users. It has a very close knit community. In my first visit to the site, I came across to some really funny images. Most of the images reflect the real life stories of the users. Here is one I found quite funny.


The site has been floating around on the web for quite awhile. The whois information is showing the site was first registered more than 10 years ago on 2001. I am guessing the site had its own thumbs up and thumbs down time over the last 10 years.  But it also seemed it had a viral effect after launching on the users.

Sharing things socially has been a big thing for last 5/6 years. We have seen the growth of Hot or Not,  YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc sites all were built on the idea of getting the users to fill up the site and sharing with other users.

FunnyJunk also made me think- if it was the pioneer of social image/video sharing, which has been a catalyst of the aforementioned sites, which were based on social sharing model.

The number of people comment and vote on each image are astonishing. I am pondering of Tumblr actually got the idea from FunnyJunk when they first started.

If you are bored and want to see some really funny jokes, comics and videos you can visit FunnyJunk by clicking this link.

Let me know if you ever visited FunnyJunk and what do you think about it by commenting below. 


  1. wazzup

    FunnyJunk is actually junk:

  2. gillbe

    how do you register on the site? I lost my account details of my old email account then I was trying to register a new account but it seems I can’t pass through the captcha and the password protection!! Opening an account on the funnyjunk seems harder than registering to online banking!

  3. bellboy

    The guy who posted that hotel story on fj is a liar. He just made it up you silly! lol

  4. sharparrow

    funnyjunk is crap!! reddit and 4chan are da best!!!

  5. joker999

    after finding this blog I visited funnyjunk after long long time. Then I found this submission lmao…lmao..

  6. Eric

    I used to go to funnyjunk a lot, before the youtube, flickr, facebook etc sites were born funnyjunk used to be the place where cool kids hang around. Still time to time I go to the site but not like used to.

  7. Jill

    just found this post when searching for funnyjunk on google. I heard about that site from friend but never visited it before, it seems there are some funny pictures though!

  8. Win7r

    ha ha… I don’t believe that a hotel guest will ask for condoms and sling shot then he will go out and shot them towards the passing cars!! Where is it in the funnjunk? I don’t find

  9. lockwheels

    I have been to funnyjunk few times and the site seemed ok for some silly jokes – some of the pictures are really funny though! rofl

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