International Calling Cards – A Hidden Gem for the UK Telecom Industry

A quick Google research on how much the International prepaid calling cards in UK market worth did not bring any results, if it were bringing any results at all that would be a surprise. However, it brought some information about North American domestic and international calling card market, that combined are $2.75 billion in 2008. In 1995 the same market was worth merely $750 million.

The increasing amounts of the immigrants bolstering the sales of the International calling cards in both side of the Atlantic. UK mobile operators are more often offering plenty of “free minutes” with the mobile phone packages, but visibly failed to attract the customers with the need of international

Hopefully the mobile phone industry would not repeat the British Airways fiasco, by not counting the “budget customers”. Vodafone already sensed that hidden market, which prompted them to offer a package with free roaming in EU.

Most of the news agents have a long list of calling cards on display to show the availability. The cards are very easy to use, anyone can use the cards. Also it gives a great amount of mobility, if someone has free minutes on the mobile and a calling card on the pocket; it gives them licence to ring any parts of the world from anywhere. Leisure and business travelers are quite frequent in UK. Keeping contact with home and family is one of the biggest challenges for travelers. These cards allow them to ring anywhere using payphone’s free 0800 number.

All of the cards are pre-paid so the companies do not need to chase people up for the incurred bills, even sometimes the frequent travelers do not spend all of the available minutes before leaving the country. From that unused numbers calling card companies also making money.

The biggest challenge of this industry is to maintain the quality of the calls. Most of the companies always make some money at the beginning but after that most of them become greedy and lower the quality of the service. Customer care service virtually not existed in this industry. Therefore the customers are looking forward to a reliable company they can trust.

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