Speed camera fines – How to pay Spanish speeding or driving fine from the UK?

After coming back from a holiday in Spain, I received a letter from Spanish authority (written in Spanish) informing me that I received a speed camera fine for speeding.

There was some instruction that I may pay the fine using http://www.dgt.es/ . After spending more than half an hour on the DGT site with my credit card in hand, I was unable to pay the fine online.

To cut a long story short– after considering various methods (one was to send money to my former flatmate’s mum (who was living in France but near to Spanish border and who I never met in my life) then she would drive to Spain just to pay the fine.


I spent hours searching for further information online, trawled through various posts on Spain Expats forum but nobody could tell me the procedure of how to pay Spanish driving fine from the UK. It is worth to mention that, I came across to some people on the Spanish Expats forums, offering me to pay the fine on my behalf, if I pay them an extra 100 Euro. But I didn’t like the idea. So I decided to go solo and find a way to the fine before the deadline.

My first step was to contact the Spanish Tourist Office in London. I spoke to a lovely lady Called Nuria Riutord Lleonart, she took my email address and told me she was going to send the instructions by email. It seemed, they get similar type of inquiries pretty often.

The instruction email contained the following information –

In order to pay the traffic notice that you have received the following steps may be followed. The traffic authorities are reachable on the telephone number at the bottom of one of the traffic notice: 0034 902 508 686

1)      You may ring this number and after you hear the recorded message in Spanish (do not take any options) wait to the finish and then you will get an operator.

2)      Speak in English and then the operator will pass you to someone who speaks English.

3)      Please, have ready your Passport number, The Num of Expediente (case number) of the fine (at the top right of the sheet ); also the date of the fine.

4)      Please bear in mind that if you pay before 30 days have elapsed since the receipt of the fine, you only have to pay €70.

5)      When on the phone they will provide you with the traffic office bank account details. eg.  Iban and Swift number, for its use to pay the fine in a bank.

6)      After the telecom the office  will send you a copy of the fine to your home address,  in your own language: English/Spanish and again it will say how to pay.

If you have further queries or want more clarification, we will be pleased to provide it.

Yours sincerely,

Information Dept. of the Spanish Tourist Office.

I rang the Spanish traffic authority as soon as I got the email, as I was running out of time to save 30 Euro. I spoke to another lady from the DGT (I asked for someone who speaks English in English), she told me she was going to send me an English version of the letter with the Traffic Authority’s International Banking Code so I could pay the fine by doing an International bank transfer to their bank account directly.

After couple of weeks, I received another letter (English version) from them containing their bank details and further instruction on how to pay. I transferred the money using online banking, voila! That’s it! That’s how I paid the Spanish driving fine from the UK.

Also, I had to post a copy of the bank receipt to them (as instructed on the English version of the letter)

And oh I must mention that – after receiving the very first letter, I contacted the car hire company in Spain to make sure if I really got the fine for speeding, and if they have supplied my details to the traffic authority. I heard there was similar kind of scam targeting British tourists. So you should check with your car hire company (if applicable) before you pay the fine.


I made this blog post in 2010. Now it is possible to pay the fine online. Here is the step by step instruction of paying the fine from outside of Spain. Thanks to Nic Heald for his valuable input.

Update-2:  September 2012. Updated the instructions with screenshots.

1. Go to http://www.dgt.es

2. In large yellow rectangular box on right click on first second option – Pago de multas en internet


3. Next screen shows 5 icons. Below top left icon showing small picture of a policeman click on Mas Info which produces another screen with same but larger picture.


4.Click on 1st item to right of picture – Pago de Multas (Note also 4th item which brings up a screen which details points on licence according to seriousness of offence. I don’t know whether this applies to UK yet).


5. On next screen click on Pago de multas en internet


6. On next screen click on option a) in bottom half of screen – Pago de multas (sin certificado digital ni DNTe)


7. Next screen brings up a form in Spanish but click – welcome – at top right to convert it to English and then fill in form. For Document type (there are various options) I was told to click on Home Country Identification and insert Driving Licence number in box below but I inserted passport and passport number in the 2 boxes and it worked! (That way hopefully no points on UK licence although in my case I was not liable to points as a minor infringement).


8. Fill in rest of the form. The record number is the number at the top right of formal notice without dashes or punctuation. Then fill up the form using this instruction: (Hat tip to Ian Ellis for this bit)

DOCUMENT TYPE – Passport from the drop down box.
DOCUMENT NUMBER – Passport number
NAME – My First name
1st SURNAME – My Surname
DATE OF REPORT – Input date from the penalty notice – ‘FECHA DENUNCIA’
TOTAL AMOUNT – Input fine amount (before discount) as shown on penalty notice (Importe total multa)


Payment details are then easy to enter and the screen quickly produces receipt numbers and a notification of payment for your records ‘JUSTIFICANTE DE PAGO DE SANCION’

Also insert full fine and then click – continue. Next page gives 50% reduction if in time. Then enter crdit card details and continue to payment.

Bingo, you have now paid but don’t forget to print off a receipt.  

Gracias, El fin. 


Are you in the similar situation?

Have you paid the fine successfully?

Feel free to share your experience by commenting below at the bottom of the page


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  1. Hugh Harper

    Thanks TAz, excellent advice, the online procedure/picture as outlined by Mamud has changed slightly but following your advice will allow the fine to be paid, thanks for your advice.
    Interestingly my speeding fine was detected on 13th February 2015,
    I have just paid the fine today 3rd May 2015, eleven weeks and two days after the offence, it was for the usual 100euros and as advised by TAz, following his advice, it was reduced online to 50euros, so regardless of time lapsed, pay the fine, and you will almost certainly get a 50% reduction. I concluded the payment paying by Credit Card and finished by printing out a receipt. My thanks to all the public spirited individuals for their information.

  2. Linz

    I got a yellow coloured parking (not speeding) fine in Puerto Rico (Gran Canaria) a couple of Sundays ago (29 March) and I followed your very helpful guide through the website until the “welcome” translation bit. I wasn’t able to find the section for “Record” (N. EXPEDIENTE) so I typed in the only unique thing about the fine which was the printed number at the top of the page in a section called “Numero de Boletin”. When I typed this into the form on the webpage, it was rejected “invalid record number”. Not sure what to do now, because I do not see a 12 digit record number – only one with 6 numbers at the top of the yellow paper fine. Any thoughts on how to get around this please? A million thanks in advance!

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Hm! You are paying Parking fine Lindsay, the instruction I posted is to pay speeding fine. So perhaps you need to use other links to follow? Hope someone else will post a comment advising on this.

  3. Rita

    I have received a speeding fine from Spain for driving 117 kilometres in a 100 kilometre road 8 months after the alleged offence.
    How do I know the camera was working properly?
    Am I obliged to pay this after 8 months.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Yes you really should pay.

  4. margaret allen

    i might hava car fine from Granada to pay-how can i find if i have one to pay as I have a P O box for my mail

  5. margaret allen

    I think that I might get a fine for driving up a forbidden road in Granada
    How can I find out if i have a fine as I understand that mail will not be sent to a P O Box in spain which i have

  6. advisor

    I’ve helped a couple of relatives in the UK to pay for their fines, and I must say that the best way to do it is by calling the 003490… number with your computer on and the letter in front of you. Those guys managed to offer me a 24 hour grace period to pay with the reduction even six months after the date of the offence…

  7. Nuala

    thank you so much for taking the time out to post step by step instructions. After spending time trying to connect through the phone with only an engaged tone each time I finally found your site and got the 50euro off which made it slightly less painful

  8. Jill

    So helpful managed to pay my fine after 1hr of trying to figure out what numbers to put where.thank you

    • Paul M

      Thanks for the help especially the updated link from TAz I couldn’t work out the Spanish website or the link to pay…
      The one thing I can’t work out is that my fine was €300 which was halved to €150 seems higher than anyone else

  9. caroline

    Just wanted to say a BIG thankyou for the info you have posted re. speeding fine payment. we trawled for ages over the internet trying to find a way of paying our fine from Lanzarote. In the end I rang the number you had supplied as I was having difficulty paying on the dgt website. A nice lady who spoke perfect English, talked me through the payment proceedure. So many thanks once again.

  10. Alshaheen

    Thank you Mamun. Your site helped a lot. Also I must thank TAz for the clear instructions.

  11. TAz

    Hi… Ive just been through the process before i found this site BUT I’ve written a short guide as the web site has changed somewhat since you posted yours. So..the 2014 way to pay is as follows;

    If your fine is new and for €100 pay it quickly and it reduces to €50.

    1. go straight to the correct page (this link saves you 3 clicks): https://sede.dgt.gob.es/es/tramites-y-multas/alguna-multa/pago-de-multas/

    2. Toward the bottom of the page look for a large heading called: “Acceso a Pago de Multas” . You want to select “Pago de Multas sin Certificado Digital” (it has a little grey box next to it).

    3. Now you’re in an English page. Fill it in as follows:
    A) Select Passport.
    B) enter your passport number
    C) Enter your surname (ignore 2nd surname)
    D) Enter your first name
    E) Enter date of report (the offence date) this is found top right of the notification under “1. Fecha Denuncia”.
    F) Enter the Record number. This is the reference in the top right of the notification under the word “N EXPEDIENTE”. You MUST NOT enter and of the hyphens or dots – just the numbers with no spaces.
    G) In the total amount put the amount they fined you. This is under the barcode in the top right of the notification under the words “Importe total multa”.

    H) Click Continue and you will see the €100 has reduced to €50 (assuming you pay quick enough). Enter your card details and submit. HEY PRESTO!! You get confirmation and the option to download a receipt which i would recommend.

    At the end of the day Spain is skint so they will no doubt be “on the ball” in recovering this money and next time you go it will no doubt flag up if you don’t pay it.

    • Dom

      This link worked for me just paid my €50 fine.

    • lee

      Thanks for your guide, it was spot on! I came across an older guide which was posted on TripAdvisor but that seem to be out of date.

    • Jan

      Thanks TAz, wished I can across your post 3 hours ago, nightmare to find any information in English, will definitely be sticking to speed limits next time I go over

    • horry

      I cannot locate the record number in my fine ?

      Enter the Record number. This is the reference in the top right of the notification under the word “N EXPEDIENTE”. You MUST NOT enter and of
      the hyphens or dots – just the numbers with no spaces.

      Is it Expediente? it is like 11111/2014? Or a reference number with 12 digit?

      • Shaun

        I too have this problem. My record number is in the same format 11111/2015. There is one 12 digit number on my fine but this does not work.

    • Mark

      I received a speeding fine in the post over a month after I was in Spain and this website has been very useful. Especially the comment and url from TAz from April 2014. I have eventually managed to pay it €50 down from £100 and printed a receipt.
      Thanks Guys

    • koen

      Thanks TAZ.. your link and destription worked.. got to pay Eur50.. positive surprise after thinking it would be 100. This is a bargain compared to our fines in Netherlands for same incident.

    • tc

      Just been notified by our hire car company that I have a speeding ticket to pay, I have the ticket that asks the hire car people who was driving with all the details showing when and where complete with the Numero Expediente but not the Fine that applies, since I’m not back in Spain for some time but would like to get this done and dusted is there some way of getting this info quickly rather than waiting for the letter to be sent to our spanish address?

      • Mamun Ahmed

        They will send the letter to the address registered to the car hire company. You can call them directly to ask them to send the letter to your UK address.

        • tc

          Have to say a big thanks to this site and all the info, just got our letter for the speeding ticket. Followed the advice and it only took about 3 minutes to pay, something that would have taken me hours to do otherwise.

          Thanks again


    • Mike Decker

      Unfortunately I get this message when I do this:

      “This sanction cannot be paid. Please, call 060 for consultation or go to any Provincial Traffic Headquarters.”

      Since I live in Canada neither of those options is possible. Any idea of a way around this?

      BTW, the other phone number on the ticket is 902 508 686 and it does not seem to work from Canada.

      • Paul Gipson

        Hey Mike,

        Did you get the fine sorted. We got 5 speeding fines so far from our trip to Spain.

        Used the information provided above to pay 4 of the fines. The hire company did not forward the driver information for 1 of the fines to the authorities, it was the mail with the PDF attachments, however, they did charge us 40 euro x 2 for not doing their job correctly. This is the error message we received:

        “This sanction cannot be paid. Please, call 060 for consultation or go to any Provincial Traffic Headquarters.”

        Called the number on the PDF fine, you get a Spanish automated system, do not press any buttons etc, you will reach an operator who will transfer you to an English speaking operator as soon as they hear you speak.

        If the hire company has processed your fines correctly, you can pay over the phone.

    • Paul

      Tried to follow Taz’s instructions, but link in grey box (step 2) doesn’t work – at least my browser says there is no such website and/or can’t connect. (Same with the other links in the grey boxes I tried as well.) Any ideas?

    • Ian Pepworth

      Very much appreciate you all tkaing the time to provide these instructions, very clear and worked for me.

      Thank you

    • Hugh Harper

      Thanks Taz, your instructions for paying speeding fines in Spain are brilliant, I was simply going to ignore my two (2) speeding fines notices, obtained on the same day!!! Following reading your instructions I have paid them both. Both were dated 19th October 2014… I have paid the fines on 22nd November and the amount was halved… from 100 Euros to 50 Euros each.
      Again my thanks for being so public spirited


      Thanks TAz, that has just worked very quickly after nearly an hour of tearing my hair out! Got it reduced to 50 euro as well.

  12. May

    Hello Mamun, I came upon your site while looking for a way to pay the fine from my country. But the fine I have doesn’t seem to apply to what you advised. It seems like I can only pay via bank or municipality. I tried some link where to pay Catalonia fines but I don’t have that kind of a paper. Still wanted to ask for your advice.

    I got the fine in Barcelona. I went to the municipality while there but they said it is too early and hasn’t been registered to the system yet.

    It is a parking fine. Yellow paper which says barcelona municipality and aviso de denuncia. There is the date, matricula (means registration but dont know what it means) (?), vigilante numero (number of officer??), numero de aviso (some numbers space & a letter ). There isn’t any amount on it.

    The car rental company hasn’t contacted me for anything nor I have received anything in the mail from Spain.

    What should I do?

  13. Spencer

    Thanks for the help, website has changed a little from the screen shots but not too much I couldn’t find my way.

    • Trevor

      Agree. You click on the picture of the policeman and it takes you to paying the fine. I must say it is gutting to get this letter in Spanish long after your holiday when you didn’t know you’d done anything wrong. after first failing to pay via the website I tried phoning twice but each time was left hanging. This blog post helped me to see you could actually pay the fine, so I have. I’d rather not have, but then, as my wife keeps telling me, I should observe the speed limit…..

  14. Jessie

    Its no surprise scammers have such a thriving business.
    I can not believe how gullible and eager people are “appearing” to be, to be so ready to pay off fines for offenses they have supposedly committed without any evidence of their identity or the actual offense itself.
    We have received a so called ticket for speeding.
    The problem for them was, we were not even in the country on the date and time it was presenting with.
    We did not pay and instead reported the whole thing to the authorities.
    We never heard from them again.
    Never part with your passport/credit card details online unless you absolutely sure of who you are dealing with.
    We have visited the country again and had absolutely no hassles at the airport.

  15. Kirk Ryan

    OMG!!! You’d think the Spanish authority would make it easy to collect fines.
    The dumbest thing about all this is that the car companies (who give your information to the police authories by the way) have no idea how to do this. You would think they would have this information on their website or available in the US and other contries for those when “back home.” Our rental company (Hertz) had no idea what I was talking about and couldn’t help at all. I even called their international division w/o success. I did find this site on my own (after about 2 hours of searching) but this post finally explained what values to put in each field. Muchas Gracias….

  16. Davina

    Thank you so much. The speeding offence was committed by my dad when we hired a car 2 months ago in southern Spain, on a country road near Malaga. I actually saw the speed camera flash at us too and wondered if anything would come of it. As I was the one who hired the car (and subsequently gave all my details to the car rental company) I was the one who received the penalty notice through a few days ago. I have tried so hard to install the DGT ‘certificate’ to make a payment online but kept hitting a wall and couldn’t go any further. Then I read your post and voila, fine paid no problem.
    Thank you again.

  17. Martin

    Very useful. This seems to be the direct link at the minute:

    They did us twice within 2 minutes for some minor infringement. They claim we failed to do what some guy in a roundabout told us, but neither of us saw him. It’s really not worth hiring a car in Tenerife. Seems like a scam to screw as much money from the unwary foreign motorist as possible. We’ve had no such problems anywhere else in Europe. We on’t be going back to the Canaries again.

  18. Mike

    The main DGT site has changed. I made an uneducated guess and selected the link labelled “Te han puesto una multa?” and it took me to the url https://sede.dgt.gob.es/sede/faces/paginas/multas/index.xhtml – which is one of the ones shown above!

    I was then able to get to the page where you can enter your document and ticket detail, however it told me I could not pay (This sanction cannot be paid. Please, call 060 for consultation or go to any Provincial Traffic Headquarters). Of course being in Canada I cannot call 060 and expect anything to happen. I guess I will have to call 0034 902 508 686 (with whatever extra numbers I need) to get this sorted out – unless someone has a suggestion on how to get around this.

    BTW, I am now way past any discount period it having taken me quite a while to just get to this point. :(

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Oh I see – It has changed indeed. I have to wait till someone helps me to find out the way of paying fine in this newly designed site.

      I’ll update the blog after that.

  19. Eugene

    Thank you so much! This is a great post, very informative! You saved me a call to Spain. I tried to figure this with Google Translate but still could not make a payment until I found your article. Thanks again!

  20. Hi all,
    I just spent almost two days trying to figure this out. The website was giving me errors and I couldn’t pay for the ticket. I have called the embassy in Chicago (no one picked up) I called the Minsitry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in Spain (no one spoke English) I tried calling the number on the ticket, it was disconnected, finally I called the police station, their number was also disconnected. I do have a European (Polish) credit card which I tried using. And viola- it worked no problem :) I guess I am fortunate enough to have one. For those of you who do not have those, perhaps it is a good idea to look into one. I know in certain countries (Paris, France is one of them), American credit cards arent accepted where you cannot swipe, as they have a gold chip on them that you use to “tap”. I hope this helps some of you in the future :)
    Cheers everyone!

  21. Natasha

    HELP!!! I got a pseeding fine in Girona, so I am using the very helpful link to pay in Cataluyna, but it now says I*You can not make your payment because it is finished.????? what does this mean, I only received the fine on 23/1013 so I am still witin the 20 days??? Please help! Thanks.

  22. Brad

    Thanks so much. Sitting here is Australia is was not looking easy but your instruction were spot on. Everything worked including the reciepts.

    I cannot express how appreciative I am. Thank you.

    BTW I booked the hire car through Red Spot and so far, after nearly 7 weeks since the date of the fine, I have not yet recived a “handling fee”. Here’s hoping!

    Thank you again.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Hi Brad,

      Not all hire car company charges the “handling fee”.

      Thank you

      • abdullah

        Dear Mamun ,

        I have 2 tickets in Madrid , Euro car charge me the fees and i didnt receive the ticket hard copy in the post .

        So how can i know the record number and date ?

        Best regards

        • Mamun Ahmed

          If it is recent then you should wait, as officially you haven’t informed by the DGT yet.

  23. William

    OK, I tried everything as suggested but received this message: This sanction cannot be paid. Please, call 060 for consultation or go to any Provincial Traffic Headquarters

    That may work from the EU but I’m here in the US. Now what?

    I tried the Consulate in Boston and the only help was no help. When I told them that I do not speak or read spanish, I was told bluntly that they do not translate. Interesting!

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Hi William,

      If it mentioned “Provincial Traffic Headquarters” – there is a possibility that it was in Catalonia.

      Where exactly did you get the fine from? I mean what is the area?


  24. Dogear

    Nice one – I almost had it – was just the removing of dashes and full stops I needed. Thanks for the info

    • Kevlar

      As with other people below I have been unable to get past the Record Number when attempting to pay online. I am using the Numero de Expediente that appears at the top of the fine notice but there are only 10 digits not 12 as required. There would be 12 characters if I included the forward slash and the hyphen but this doesn’t work either. The fine needs to be paid within the next few days otherwise it will go from 50 Euro to 100 Euro. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  25. Myggen2

    Thank you very much for your help:-)

  26. Sonia

    My husband and I travelled to Spain in June. We got a letter today saying I need to pay a fine for 100 Euro for speeding. If paid before September then I get a 50 % discount. Looks like the notice has been redirected from somewhere as the address is again rewritten on the post by hand in English. That explains the delay.
    Which means now that I have passes the date for discount penalty fee, I need to pay full amount. As this was not my fault and I received the letter only today is there anyway I can talk to the traffic officials to check if I can still get the discount. Thanks.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Hi Sonia,

      You can ring 0034 902 508 686 to DGT office in Spain. There is someone who speaks English, if you explain to her what happened, she will send a new notice (English version) with extensive time to cover the 50% reduction.

      Good luck.

      • Sonia

        Thanks Mamun !!

      • Suresh

        Hi Mamun
        Thanks for a fantastic blog on paying the fine. I accidentally trawled in to this website and just could not believe that it wasnt just me who is getting all these messages like ‘ you cant pay the fine because it is finished!!!’ and error with the identification number. So I tried the number that you have given and it seems the number is not there any more!
        Any body has got any update on this.
        And also what will happen if I ignore the fine?

  27. Charlie

    Legend! Thanks for the help – would flick you some of the 50% discount savings if I could

  28. Mia N

    Thanks for the information. Very helpful!
    I just payed 50 euros instead of a 100! :)

  29. Danielle


    I have a speeding fine from Granada. I cannot pay it using the DGT site as I think it needs to be paid locally to the Granada municipality. However I have been on the Granada site and cannot figure out how to pay it? I only have a 10 digit record number.

    Can anyone help?


    • erik

      Did you ever figure out how to pay the traffic ticket from granada? Thanks!

      • Mamun Ahmed

        No not yet. Still waiting for someone’s instruction on this

  30. George

    Thank you very much for your clear instruction on how to pay the fine.
    I received a fine today, found your blog, followed the instruction and succseeded in paying the fine. Even got a 50% reduction.

    Once again: Thank you very much

  31. Stewart

    I received a fine through post from when we were in Mallorca, total fine 200euros reduced to 100euros. Worked it out that it is for not respecting a continuous longitudinal line! basically we think its crossing a solid line or hatching’s, it was on the motorway. We were never stopped or had any idea up until last week when I received the fine. Now I have no doubt that it probably happened, but they have sent no info through on it, other than the fine which was in Spanish. I have just paid the fine as I do not want any issues when we return next year. That is not the end of it though, I shall be complaining to them and asking for the fine to be reimbursed, due to various issues surrounding it. The fact that all details are sent in Spanish with no assistance being the main reason (look at article 6 human rights act), I may be successful, who knows, worth a try.

    Great site though, good info. Luckily I have installed Google chrome and it translates it all for you so made it easier.

  32. tmak

    I am trying to pay a traffic fines online but the Record Number (Número de expediente ) is 10 reference digits not 12 please help me.

  33. jennie

    Thanks very much – after spending a frustrating time on my own (and with my mother who speaks spanish) we finally came accross your blog and followed the clear and concise instructions and now we are all paid. Great job.

  34. Patrick

    Update on my original post earlier in the year.

    Car hire firm charged credit card for providing my details to the police for an offence I continue to know nothing about! Since being notified by Centauro nothing in the post to confirm the date and/or nature of the offence.

    I am back out in Murcia in October and a little concerned that if I have an outstanding fine it will flag up at Passport Control.

    Do you think it advisable to do nothing as I am worrying over nothing or try and make contact with the authorities to identify if an offence was committed ?

  35. Anthony Ward

    Thanks so much for the information, Wouldn’t have been able to pay the fine without it!

  36. Jemma

    Thank you so much, what a helpful clear set of instructions

  37. Gyorgy

    Thanks a lot for your help. I’ve just received the letter from dgt for speeding (107 vs 80) and had not a glue what to do until I found your page. Everything worked well and I think 50% reduction is a fair offer from the Spanish.

  38. Richard


    I’ve also been sent a speeding fine after Hertz kindly passed on my details (whilst charging me a 36 euro admin fee). It is all in Spanish but after searching the web I came across your page. Thanks for the helpful info unfortunately the record number I have is only 10 digits and it says on help section that it should be 12? I Have found the following web page http://www.gencat.cat/ovt and was able to find details of the fine but unable to pay it.

    • Message to richard and original post.

      I have just successfully paid fine for speeding in catalonia by using your link richard !!

      Indeed it doesn’t allow you to proceed but right next to Box that says “carry out payment” it comes up with “Reopen the page to make payment”
      Click here enter your details and success !!!

      thanks so much

      also print your payment receipt in case of errors later or if they debate if it’s paid or not ?”!?”

  39. Peter Mcvicar

    Thank you so much 8-)

  40. Mark Donnelly

    This looks to be a fantastic help and resource for people in a similar situation to me – 100 Euro fine etc
    I am having difficulties getting past the ‘Record Number’ section. I have inputted according to your advice but it comes up with “invalid record” and will not allow me to proceed. They have however slightly mis-spelt my name on the speeding notice which doesn’t accord with my passport details – could this be why I am unable to proceed and pay??


    • Mamun Ahmed

      Yes that could be a reason, have you tried contacting them about the misspelling of your name?

      • Mark

        Hi Mamun

        Many thanks – it turned out that my fine was from Catalonia therefore I had to pay via gencat.cat.
        This in itself was not straightforward and I had to telephone and email before eventually being able to pay online.

        Thanks very much for a helpful blog – it seems there are many of us out there in a similar predicament!

        • Mamun Ahmed

          Hi Mark,

          Could you please tell me how did you learn your fine was from Catalonia? If possible could you pass me their phone number too? I’d update that on the post.


  41. Roy

    I entered my passport and fine details but received the message ‘this sanction cannot be paid’. The fine is from April 12. Does anyone know the next step as I’m visiting Spain in a week’s time! If you call 0034 902 508 686 from the UK the number doesn’t ring.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Hi Roy,

      It could be the reason that the fine is too old and got expired. However, have you filled up the form correctly? I just updated the section 8 (the last step of paying fine) with the instruction from Ian Ellis.

      You can try paying the fine again, if fails, you can contact to Spanish tourist office for advice at http://www.spain.info/en_GB for further help.


  42. Ian Ellis

    Hi, Many thanks for this it was really useful. Whilst trying to find an answer I found this additional info on another website from a guy called pedropete which will help with filling the form in
    I completed the form in the following way
    DOCUMENT TYPE – Passport from the drop down box.
    DOCUMENT NUMBER – Passport number
    NAME – My First name
    1st SURNAME – My Surname
    DATE OF REPORT – Input date from the penalty notice – ‘FECHA DENUNCIA’
    RECORD NUMBER – Input number from penalty notice – ‘N. EXPEDIENTE’ (REMOVE HYPHENS AND DECIMAL POINT!!)
    TOTAL AMOUNT – Input fine amount (before discount) as shown on penalty notice (Importe total multa)


    Payment details are then easy to enter and the screen quickly produces receipt numbers and a notification of payment for your records ‘JUSTIFICANTE DE PAGO DE SANCION’


  43. Anders

    Thanks, your instruction was great help.

  44. keith

    thanks for this.. it was so helpful.. as it was starting to become a real ordeal trying to pay either by phone or internet.. btw got a speeding fine of 100euros reduced to 50euros for doing 103.3km on a 100km dual carriageway near Malaga @13.00 with nobody else nearby .. b*******’s

  45. MIKE

    I ave tried to pay a speeding fine from last August only to get all the way through the process for the system to tell me ‘this sanction cannot be paid,please call 060 for consultation or go to any provincial traffic headquarters’ I have savedthis as a screen print and will take it with me to Spain this year as evidence of trying to pay unless anyone has any other advice ?

    • Mamun Ahmed

      I’d say give them a ring to prove that you have no intention to dodge the fine.

  46. Martin Day

    Thank you great help. I got a 35euro charge off Hertz for giving my details. I knew I had been flashed it was 5.30am close to Malaga airport then a 300 euro fine which ended up being 150 due to prompt payment

    • Bill McTavish

      I also got a 35 euro charge from Hertz but refused to pay it and I heard no more about it, this was in October 2012, I think we pay the car hire companies enough, especially Hertz as they ripped me off for 2 wheel trims to the tune of 140 euro.

  47. Frances

    Thank you soooo much for this guide. I don’t know what I would have done otherwise.

  48. Stephen Gearey

    Brilliant. so helpfull, glad you’ve put the details for all to see, lots of people have been helped due to you sharing your experience. Muchas Gracias

  49. Johnny

    Hi Mamun, Thank you for your website as it enab;ed me to pay my fine. However upon opening the invoice, I was unable to print at that time and have now lost the invoice page.
    Is there anyway to get it back.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Hi Johnny,

      Just found your comment on the spam box. Not sure if you are still looking for the answer of your question.


  50. Linda

    Finally came across your website and thought we had it sussed, unfortunately the record number we have is only 10 digits and it says on help section that it should be 12?

    Any suggestions would be really gratefully appreciated!!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Hi Linda,

      Just found your comment on the spam box. Let me know if you are still looking for the answer of your question.


  51. Robert

    Thanks for the great write up. I didn’t have a single clue on how to pay the fine. Without your help I wouldn’t be able to pay the fine nor save the money.

    Donation on the way.



  52. Clive

    Thought I really had a problem to pay this fine until I opened this site. Does perfectly what it says on the tin. Just wish the Spanish justice web site had a recognisable web certificate. Many thanks (have sent small donation) CT.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Hi Clive,

      Good to see you paid the fine successfully. I will wait some more time to see if the DGT update their security certificate, if they don’t I will mention that on my post.

      Really appreciate the donation.


  53. Lorenzo

    Hi, I’m trying to pay my fine (from Italy) but the problem is that Google Chrome and IE don’t recognize the site certificate as safe.
    Infact, when you have to fill the form with details of the credit card, the page is not https but bonly http and Chrome show a security advice.
    The question is: is that safe this site for a transaction with credit card?
    Thank you very much, Lorenzo.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Hi Lorenzo,

      It is entirely up to you. There are plenty of small E-commerce sites don’t use HTTPS for the cost of the licence. In the other hand, it is true that HTTPs is more secured than the HTTP when it comes to security measure.

      I really shouldn’t say if it is safe or not as the answer is relative.

      However, if I were at your position, I would have paid using a credit card with very low credit limit (and probably which is expiring very soon) and keep an eye on the statement to see if there is any suspicious transactions in it. Even if your credit card details are stolen and misused by someone else, you should be able to claim that money back from your credit card provider.

      Hope that helps.

  54. Judit Müller

    Thanks for this very informative description of how to pay. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked for payments from Sweden. I have tried all sorts of combinations but get stuck after having inserted the credit card number – I just get the response Invalid information.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Have you tried ringing them Judit? They are quite helpful on the phone.

  55. Shane Dowling

    Thank you very much. That was REALLY helpful. Have made a small donation.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Thanks Shane, Really appreciate the donation.

  56. Louise

    Hello – are you able to help at all. I’m trying to call the number 0034 902 508 686 but it’s not connecting. Can anyone suggest another number?

    My partner has received a fine through the post after hiring a car in Malaga however it was my brother-in-law driving. Due to the post we have only just received the fine and it’s out the date to get a reduction. We would like to discuss it with someone and have the fine transfered to the correct person.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Hi Louise,

      You need to contact them explaining that the post was late and you should receive the reduction. Usually they are helpful with this.

      Regarding the number – I am not sure why are you not getting through. I just rang them to test and it works fine.


  57. Jayne

    Thanks! There is no way in the world that a non-Spanish speaker could work any of this out. Well done you for putting this on the web.

    • Mamun Ahmed

      Thanks for the kind words Jayne

  58. Phill

    I have also been caught speeding in Spain but i was a second driver on the car and the letters were sent to my co worker who hired the car.

    I tried to compete the form as you described with my passport details but it did not work. Could this be because the fines are against his passport?

    If so do i just have to enter his details?

  59. lola

    Hi there, thank you for the instructions to pay a spanish speeding fine. What my problem is that when i put the total amount it doesn’t accept. what could be the format of puting 100 euros. appreciate your time, Thanks

  60. Jeff Boulton


    Just wanted to say thanks for this info, Got caught speeding last Oct and just paid today, even got half price knocked off, which was a relief.


  61. Maximus Lu

    Very helpful!!! But I can’t seem to find the record number they are asking for… Could someone please help me out.

    • The record number is the number at the top right of formal notice without dashes or punctuation.

      • Maximus Lu

        Thanks so much!!

  62. Mop

    Very helpful advice, worked a dream, Many thanks!

  63. Steve C

    Dear Mamun,

    Many thanks. Your help and instructions were much appreciated. I paid the fine with ease and everything was clear and concise.



  64. c steer

    Hi, your instructions are very clear for paying the fine online, thank you, but my problem is ive got as far as credit card details and when i enter them it comes up incorrect data, could this be because the credit card im using is in my name and the fine is in my daughters name?

    • Yap that could be it.

      Maybe you can try a card on her name, if it doesn’t work you can give them a ring at 0034 902 508 686.

      Good luck!

  65. Geoff

    Another fine paid.

    One issue I ran into is one of their websites wasn’t updated so at first I thought the link was dead, but it just didn’t have its updated security.

  66. Patrick

    Can anyone confirm if there is a time limit from the date of offence until something is sent out in the post ?

    I was in Spain in October and was unaware of committing a traffic violation until the car hire company charged me an administration fee (early January). As yet nothing arrived on my doormat in the UK confirming the misdemeanour and the expected fine.

    • Hi Patrick,

      If nothing has arrived then I don’t think you should worry about too much.

      But if you want – you can give DGT a call and ask the same question to them. As, Spanish authorities are well known for messing up things

  67. ZZR V Fast

    Many thanks Mamun

    Your detailed help made things so much easier, I was tempted to ignore and not to pay, but the worry of being pulled at customs or on a stop by the plod was a worry, but hey I got the discount, and bearing in mind I ignored the first letter to arrive, but the second needed a signature by the postman, so I thought I was stuffed !

    • Hi Graham,

      Paying the fine is a good idea indeed. The signed for second letter proves that they are on it!

    • Tara

      I am trying to pay my spanish fine from Catala de Transit following your steps but cant get record number accepted. Any ideas can this be paid online.

    • andrea

      Hi i received a letter from Hertz sept 2012 stating they were charging me 35 euros for providing my details for a driving offence dated 10 july 2012 in Granada.To date i have not received any official paperwork from anyone. The fine was for 40 euros but i only have a copy of the paper work from Hertz.Any suggestions as i was wanting to return to Spain this year?

      • Hi Andrea,

        If I were you, I would have rang to DGT to find out about this.

        The speeding fine letter could be lost in the post. I know it’s not your fault for not receiving the letter but if you are going back to Spain again and they become picky about this – you have to prove that you really haven’t received the letter.

        Which could be more hassle in the long run.

  68. Nigel

    just managed to pay my spanish speeding fine, and got a receipt, thanks to your site.thank you very much again.
    regards Nigel.

    • Alan

      Hi, this info was a life saver as couldn’t speak enough Spanish to understand the form. Followed all instructions but kept getting an Invalid number. Rang the DGT as advised and were told that as the fine was given in Catalunya ( Barcelona area ) I had to deal directly with them. I was given a phone no. 0034 902 400 012 and advised to wait for all the instructions in Spanish to end then choose Option 3 to talk to someone in English. The process was handled very quickly and efficiently. I was given a Control number as a receipt.
      You’ll know to use these instructions if, in the top left hand corner of your fine, it says Servei Catala de Transit.
      Hope this is helpful.
      Thanks again

      • Barry

        Used this number 0034 902 400 012 to pay my speeding fine. Option 3 No problem, all done 50€ to help the Spanish economy out
        . Thanks

  69. Graham

    Great site and very clear helpful instructions.
    I only received the fine notice today, 4 months after the offence in October!
    I had noticed that Goldstar had taken a deduction of £29-39 from my credit card 3 weeks after I returned the car.
    I made enquiries with the agents, http://www.doyouspain.com. Apart from eventually sending me a copy invoice showing I had paid that penalty they have not answered my questions about what it was for. Goldcar never got in touch with me to either tell me they were taking money from my credit card nor of the Police interest/fine.
    I was worried that I would not receive the 50% discount as I was paying 4 months late but I did get the discount.
    Moral: Don’t use Goldcar & watch your speed!

  70. Jozsef

    Many thanks Mamum for the site. I successfully paid the 50 euros (with the discount) and now wondering if the car rental company would charge me for the kindness to share my data with the police, like some other commenters experienced.
    (Also wondering why only 120km/h is the speed limit in such a big country.)
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Jozsef,

      You are welcome. There is a probability that you car hire company may charge you for that. It seems for last couple of years they started doing this.

      Speed limit put in place not for the size of a country, it is more like the probability of risk of accident associated with the part of the road.

      Let us know if you receive the charge from your car company.



    • Bill

      Hi, Jozsef I also was fined for speeding which came through the post first and with mamuns help I paid this and got the discount. a few weeks later I got a letter from my car company(Advantage or Hertz) asking for 36 Euro,s for sharing my data with the police and giving me a bank account number to send payment by IBAN but so far I have ignored this and have not had any further correspondence from them even although they have my credit card details, as far as i know you can stop the payment by your credit card company if you have not authorised it, this is just another way of car hire company,s making money. Good luck.

  71. clark

    hi i wonder if anyone can help?? i have recieved email from goldcar that they have received notification that i have had two speeding fines.i have recieved no letter or contact from the spainish police ,do i contact goldcar to pay it or wait til i recieve a letter from police? thanks

    • Hi Clarke,

      I think the best way would be wait for the letter from the Spanish authority.

      Just wondering if Goldcar asking for any “admin” fees to process those request?


    • clarke

      yes golcar already taken a fee from my credit card 70 euro for 2 fines on the same day and i have just received my fine this mourning from spainish authority but only one fine so i am expecting another any day. thanks

  72. Mike in Sussex

    I have also been told that I am liable for a fine by my hire car company (Goldstar)… thay have already passed details on to the Spanish police. However the alleged offence happened around 16th September 2012, and there appears to be a cut-off point of 60 days after which the issue of the fine is invalid. Do you know if this is true? Of course I don’t know (yet) what date the police contacted the hire car company but as they say forewarned is forearmed. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    • Bill

      Hi Mike

      My offense was the 20th October and I received a fine on the 24th November which I managed to pay online with the help of Mamun. 3 weeks later I got another letter from Advantage car hire (Hertz) asking for 36 euro,s for informing the police of my details. To date I haven’t paid it and I am waiting to see what happens next.
      Hopefully yours is time barred. Good Luck

  73. Bill

    Thanks Mamun for your really helpful website, without you I would still be trying to pay my speeding fine. I tried for 2 days before i came across your website.I am really grateful as i was worried about being arrested on my return to Spain next year if I had not paid. people like you are a godsend. Thanks again

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks a lot for those kind words. Glad to see you paid the fine at the end. Enjoy your trip to sunny Spain next year :)

      • Bill

        Hi Mamun

        Sorry to bother you but after paying the fine I now have a letter from the hire company asking me to pay them 36.60 euros because they provided the spanish police with my details. Do you know if i have to pay that too and what might happen if I dont. Thanks in advance for your help

      • Bill

        Hi Mamun

        Sorry to trouble you again but I was wondering if you knew anything about car hire companies charging you for providing your details to the spanish traffic dept when you have been caught speeding. After paying my fine with your hel I have now recieved a letter from Gesthispania asking me to deposit 36 euros into a bank account. I dont think I should pay. Help this years holiday has been a nightmare what with the fine and being charged £118.00 for 2 missing wheel trims. Maybe I should holiday at home. Many thanks in advance for your help. Bill

        • Hi Bill,

          I am afraid I don’t know the consequences of paying or not paying the hire company’s charges.

          Probably we should wait to see if anyone else have the answer?

          • Bill

            Thanks Mamun for your reply, I will wait and see what happens. I will let you know how it goes incase it helps somebody else.

        • Hi Bill.

          Sorry about the misunderstanding with the letter we sent you. Actually, the letter wants to inform you that Hertz will debit your credit card for management costs by providing your information to the traffic department. If the charge on the credit card could not be done, then I would request that Hertz will enter the amount.

          This information is included in the rental agreement that you signed when renting the vehicle make, do not think it’s a fraud.

          We hope we have clarified your doubt.


  74. Dave

    Fine paid… Thanks!

  75. Orly

    Paid successfully the penalty . Thanks !
    Some how I didn’t finished clicking my email so I didn’t get the receipt .
    I do have the number that was issued .
    Is there a way to re-enter this number I got or my email in order to get the receipt ?

    Thanks again

    • Hi Orly,

      Yes emailing to DGT with the receipt number would be a good idea (just in case).

      Also – for peace of mind you can give them a ring and ask if they received the payment.

      • Orly

        Thanks ,I will try .

  76. Ol'Bean

    Many thanks. I could not get past the The Record Number until I went to your blog (if that’s what its called) and its explained.

    Brilliant blog and again Many Thanks.

    • Paul Sweden


      Great information!
      Unfortunatly I’m not getting past enrty of the record number (numero de expediente) after trying all possible formats:
      The general concensus is all numbers without / or – etc.
      That leaves me 10 numbers which doesn’t work.
      The reference number on the bottom of the demand is the same number preceded ny 00 and ending in a 2.
      Making up 12 numbers from all these combinations still wont get it accepted.

      I would be very greatful for any tips!

      • Hi Paul,

        Was it from DGT or from the local Catalan Government (the clue was that is said Servei Catala de Transit on the summons).

        In this case you can try this link http://karmasotra.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/how-to-pay-catalonian-catalunyian.html

        if it doesn’t apply to you then I think the best option would be to ring to this DGT’s customer service number – 00 34 902 508 686

        Let us know how do you get on

        • Paul Sweden

          Hi Mamun,

          Yes, you are right, I managed to pay the fine in the end (same link as you posted, although i slogged through the government website vis traffic and make a payment to get there) and using Chrome translate managed to sort it out.

          It accepted my 10 digit reference number and the passport number being the identification number on the summons (my birth date) and not the actual passport number.

          Thanks for all the great information, which has saved futher hours of frustration!


          • Hi Paul,

            No problem. Glad to hear that you paid the fine.

            Next time we all need to remember how not to press the accelerator too hard :)

  77. Jager

    If you ignored it all providing you have a british licence and reside not in spain, you would have saved a 100 euros. There is no sharing of data between the dvla and the equivalents in Spain. Once the hire company has passed on your details their involvement ends, though a lot will just pay it and deduct it from your card.

    If you are driving your own car. All they would have is gone to a debt collector who is a member of the BPA AOS scheme and got you registered keeper details from them then sent you a series of unenforceable invoices that you ignore. They give up you live your life.

  78. Gary

    Great post , every useful
    Please take a bow !

  79. Tracey

    Mamun, thanks so much! I was tearing my hair out! I was paying on my husband’s behalf and it was so simple once I found your step by step instructions. And we got the 50% discount!!

  80. Speedy Gonzalas

    Great posting – used it with ease – need to make sure I slow down next time I visit Spain!

  81. Just used this website – very useful and easy to follow, made the actual transaction very straight forward so thanks! Would not have had a clue how to respond otherwise and may well have left just to see what would have happened. May have found out the hard way when I next appeared at passport control at Malaga airport!

  82. Paul B

    Thanks a lot, we managed to get to the right page without your guide but were then stumped. So the step by step help was great.

    BTW, when entering the doco references leave out the dashes and the …’s otherwise it won’t go to the payment bits

    Normally ignore this sort of thing but — got my 50% reduction


  83. Paul

    Received a fine in the post this week dating back to June 2012 for 100 euros. Thankfully this website has provided me with all the informationI needed to pay the fine and receive the 50% discount as was paid within the time after receipt.

    Thanks for such a useful site?

    p.s. just one point, the 0034 902 508 686 is not working?

  84. Susan

    Just received a fine from my son’s holiday in July – issued Sept and received end of Oct. Not quite sure what he did – possibly drove in a wrong lane. It was €200, which seemed very steep but following your excellent website instructions it was a relatively painless experience and we only had to pay €100. (The form came up in English without having to select the option.)
    Thank you!

  85. Bal

    After having spent hours trying to translate the speeding ticket – i thankfully came across this post.
    Thank you for the very useful information and the detailed pics of the website.
    I had to pay the care hire firm a fee of 25euros for them to pass on my details!
    Thank you.

  86. Julie Lovatt

    Thank you so much. My boss received a fine which I had to pay today. I could not get through by phone so put the phone number in google and your blog came up first. It saved me hours.

  87. Stephanie

    I have a rather complicated situation. I own a rental property in coastal spain, and my car is registered there. My property manager usually handles these things for me, but when I received a speeding ticket notice in September, she was unable to retrieve it from the post office, even with a copy of my passport, and now it has been sent back. I can’t pay it unless I have a case number. How would I go about retrieving this? Even my Spanish friends are stumped! Thanks!

    • Hi Stephanie,

      You can ring to 0034 902 508 686 and ask them to send you an English version of the letter at your UK address.


      • joe

        thank you so much for this easy simplification in English. last time I had to ring spain and was on the phone for over half an hour.
        thank you again..

  88. Angie

    Thank you this saved me so much time :)

  89. Chris Apostolou

    Thank you for this helpful site. Spain is a bureaucratic nightmare at best, you saved me hours!
    (It once took me 5 hours to get admitted to hospital when I was gravely sick, they made me go and get a load of forms from all sorts of different government buildings on a Sunday, even though I had holiday insurance!)

  90. Mark

    Had 2 fines on one day near Badajoz last month even though I was only 10kph over the limit both times.

    The first I knew was when the hire car company charged me £30 or so for each fine for the privilege of them handing over my details to the authorities.

    Thanks to your site I’ve managed to save 50% of both fines- but still an expensive holiday extra!

    thanks for your clear instructions


    • Hi Mark,

      The hire car company charged you £60 for passing your details to the authorities?

      That’s very sneaky way of making money!

      Please name and shame the company so others can stay away from them.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Ken

        Thanks for relevant info,just received speeding fine,without your
        Knowledge would not have clue how to pay this.
        All the best
        Kind regards

      • Susan

        I was in Spain September and received a letter from Hertz advising that they had deducted €30+iva from my credit card as they had to inform the authorities of my name and address due to a traffic offence. 2 weeks later I received an invoice for the payment. Today I received a letter from Gesthispania S.L. dated 15 days ago, advising me that €30 will be taken from my card as per clause 14.2 (to which I dont have as they only agreement I had with them was kept by them when I returned the car)also a copy of the I suppose fine showing €100 and a very nice photo of the car I hired. I hold my hands up it was me! I would like to pay this and I will use your directions to which people have used sucessfully. BUT should I contact my credit card and tell them not to pay the other €30 to Gesthipania on behalf of Hertz? Please help

        • Susan

          Update. Paid 50 euros using your instructions, brilliant. Stoped any further payments to car hire company. Today original fine paperwork turned up in the post. Suggest you pay the fine using this link as they will more than likely catch up with you. Thanks again for such a great site.

          • Hi Susan:

            Sorry for the inconvenience you’ve had the letter we sent you. Indeed, the letter wants to inform you that Hertz will debit your credit card for management costs by providing your information to the traffic department of Spain. This information is included in the rental agreement that you signed when making the rental vehicle must not think that is a fraud.

            We hope we have clarified your doubt and you’ve been able to solve with the rental company.


  91. paul kurzok

    thanks for this it really help
    just two small notes you need to add
    1 record number is the 12 diget number with out the “-” shown top left conour
    2 the amount must put in with a euro sign bit of problem if you dont have one
    thanks again

    • Hi Paul,

      Thansks! I will update the post with those info.

    • Hi Paul,

      Just realised actually your point no 1 is already mentioned on step no 8.

      Regarding point 2- I thought you only have to enter the amount without any currency sign.

      Please correct me if I am wrong.


  92. Caroline

    Have just paid my speeding fine using your wonderful clear instructions. Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you. And a 50% reduction too, even though it is more than 6 weeks since the offence, so I am very satisfied. Everyone on other sites wasting hours of their life speculating about what will happen if they don’t pay the fine should just get on this site, pay and move one.

  93. emily

    Thank you so much for posting these instructions. Very helpful

  94. @Roz

    Hi Roz,

    Thanks for the comment! You are very welcome:)

  95. Roz

    Thank you do much!
    Worked a treat! My sister in law was expecting the worst and you made it super simple.

  96. @Jess

    Hi Jess,

    What do you mean by the

    “have 3% accuracy (+/- 3km/hr) however they calculate this and report the lower end of the margin”?

    Do you mean if someone is driving on 51mph on a 50mph road, they will consider this as within legal speed limit?


  97. Jess

    Thank you so much! just for future reference for anyone the speed camera’s have a 3% margin of accuracy (+/- 3km/hr) however they calculate this and report the lower end of the margin when they send the fine so no point seeing if you can get out of it! :-(

    Instructions were very useful and saved me a lot of hassle, thanks again!

  98. @Denise

    No problem!

    Hope you will be driving under the speed limit next time? :)

  99. Denise

    Thank you so much for posting these instructions. I had spent lots of time trying to pay and so glad I found your post.

    Saved €50 as well so very happy as I go to Spain a lot and didn’t want any problems on arrival as I’m back there in a couple of weeks.

  100. @Gazza

    No worries:) Thanks for your comment!

  101. Gazza

    Thank you very much Indeed. Truly simple and clear instruction that even I could understand. Thank you very much. Let us hope my next entry into Spain does not cause a problem .

  102. @Philip

    You are welcome! :)

  103. Philip

    Fantastic clear instructions. Thank you very much.

  104. John

    Thanks for instructtions. I’ve got stuck on 8. record number. I entered the 12 digit number without dashes etc and the reply keeps coming up ‘ Error in values. Maximum of 10 integer digits and 2 decimal places separated with ‘.’Ej.:45.22′
    Don’t know what to do now.
    Have tried phoning Telefono de atencion with the reply ‘Sorry there is a fault. Please hang up.’

  105. @Nick Peters

    No worries Nick! Glad to hear that you paid the fine successfully :)

  106. @David H

    I think you don’t need to use the EXPEDIENTE number as a foreign national.

    As Nic Heald mentioned, you can use your passport no. OR Driving Licence number by selecting Home Country Identification on step 7.

    Hope it will work for you.


  107. Nick Peters

    Thanks for the invaluable information in paying my Gran Canarian speeding fine on line.

  108. David H

    I have just got a speeding fine from Gerona in the Catalan area of Spain
    I have only got 10 numbers for the EXPEDIENTE number excluding the dots or dashes and its not going through
    Can anybody help me Please ?????


    I do not live in spain but have a house there and a spanish plated car. I picked up a speeding fine after I lent a friend my car I was fined 50euros.
    Does spain have a penalty points system in place like the U.K
    If so what do I now do about getting my friend to acknowledge and accept the points on to his license.

  110. beatriz

    Thanks a lot for the help in connection with the payment. I speak spanish fairly good – come from Denmark – but could not manage to pay the bill. I did it before the 50% reduction run out. Only with the help from your page here I suceeded. Thanks again.

  111. Chris

    Thanks to all for posting this information. For any North Americans out there: I followed the link and instructions from Darren, posted 6 Sep 2011. For document type, instead of ‘EU resident”, I selected “passport”. Rest of the instructions worked like a charm. Fine was reduced to 50 EUR, and printed my receipt three minutes later.

  112. Stuart West

    Hi All,
    Same story as everyone else, in that I received a fine after my holiday. I didn’t know my hire car went that fast or the speed camera could be so well hidden! Anyway you saved me so much time. I followed Nic Heald’s method, typed in the details and bingo – fine paid and 50% discount. Only €50 for me – but they need the money. Thanks to Nic and especially Mamun for setting up the site.

  113. dicky

    hey all, good website, fair play for setting it up! got a speeding fine in december for 300e, paid it on d first of february after ringing that spanish number and a lady telling me how to pay online. as i paid it off early it was reduced to 150e but today im after recieving a similar letter except on the back it has written ‘aviso’ and a few line in espanol. tried to ring that 902508686 number but it didn ring. any ideas??

  114. Johan

    Hi Guy(s),

    I too got lost over and over in the ‘clientfriendly’ site of DGT. But, I follwowed the instructions above and managed to pay the fine (within 5 minutes) and got a 50 Euro reduction as well!

    Great job, thanks!


  115. Maisie

    Thank you Nic Heald,

    Followed your instructions and paid fine, had been trying to pay for days found this site and got 50e reduction
    thanks again

  116. Pat

    Big Thanks to Nic Heald followed your instructions to pay speeding fine

    Easy peasy

    Had spent considerable time proir to this trying to pay fine

  117. Nic Heald

    AS a Christmas Eve present from the Ministerio Del Interior I have just had my camera speeding ticket. Having spoken to the dgt office on 00 34 902 508 686 the procedure for payment has now been made much easier as follows although it is rather long winded so step by step:
    1. Go to http://www.dgt.es
    2. In large yellow rectangular box on right click on first option – Pago de multas en internet
    3. Next screen shows 5 icons. Below top left icon showing small picture of a policeman click on Mas Info which produces another screen with same but larger picture.
    4.Click on 1st item to right of picture – Pago de Multas (Note also 4th item which brings up a screen which details points on licence according to seriousness of offence. I don’t know whether this applies to UK yet).
    5. On next screen click on Pago de multas en internet.
    6. On next screen click on option a) in bottom half of screen – Pago de multas (sin certificado digital ni DNTe)
    7. Next screen brings up a form in Spanish but click – welcome – at top right to convert it to English and then fill in form. For Document type (there are various options) I was told to click on Home Country Identification and insert Driving Licence number in box below but I inserted passport and passport number in the 2 boxes and it worked! (That way hopefully no points on UK licence although in my case I was not liable to points as a minor infringement).
    8. Fill in rest of form. The record number is the number at the top right of formal notice without dashes or punctuation. Also insert full fine and then click – continue. Next page gives 50% reduction if in time. Then enter crdit card details and continue to payment. Bingo you have now paid but don’t forget to print off a receipt.

    Good luck when it is your turn!

  118. Smok'in Joe

    These radar (helicopter ?) charges are not enforceable unless agreements between police jurisdictions, ie Spain, & UK ~ however it might have an impact on you should you be convicted ( non payment) and stopped by police & a check run on you.
    Suggest that for those in N.A. and other locations who visit there would be no penalty ~ this is a cash grab to drive revenues to pay down the National debt.

  119. Hi Wendy,

    It sounds like their SSL certificate is expired and your anti-virus software is warning you about this.

    Please make sure you are at http://www.dgt.es/ site when making the payment.

    Probably you can speak to the lady again informing this. She may arrange a different payment method than this if you don’t feel comfortable with the warning message.


  120. Wendy

    I spoke to a lady called Loa and I have tried to follow your instructions but she told me that I have to pay by credit card via the internet. No other payment method is available ?

    When I tried to follow her instructions my computer would not allow me into there system – recommending that it was not a trusted site.

    Please advise ?

  121. J B

    Mamun…I dont know how to thank you enough for this blog.

    I was literally stressing to the max over paying this silly speeding fine as im quite a frequent visitor to Spain and thanks to your info I managed to sort within a matter of minutes.

    You da man!

    • Hi J B,

      I was in the similar position as you when I first received the speeding fine letter. It was kinda scary as I go to Spain quite often as well.

      I heard so many horrible stories from people (i.e. EU wide arrest warrant, making pay 500 Euro on the airport etc) that I was more keen to pay the fine than the Spanish authority was expecting.

      Good to see you paid the fine successfully too.

      Thanks for leaving a comment :)

  122. Hi Majorca Speeder,

    Thanks for the comment. Good to know you saved 50 Euro too! Now you got to buy everyone drinks then! :)

  123. Majorca Speeder

    Speed fine from August family holiday, received recorded letter in Nov. E100 fine tried for an hour to pay, until I found this blog, all notes and link very helpful, managed to pay within 5 mins and rduced it to E50, thanks to everyone,

  124. @hilary

    Thanks for the comment. I had a quite difficult time to pay the fine that is why I posted this information here, so no one will have hard time to pay the fine as long as they Google a bit:)

  125. hilary

    Thanks for the detailed and really helpful information.

    Phoned number as you suggested, waited, spoke in englsih and was immediately put through to a very helpful english speaking lady.

    • Erica

      Did you pay the fine over the phone or online?

  126. Supermac

    Thanks to you all for info – especially Sarah’s on filling on dgt form. Have managed to pay my fine online without having to make phone call.

  127. Hi Barry Groves,

    No problem :) Glad to hear that you saved 50% on your Spanish speeding fine

  128. Barry Groves

    Your web site information worked a treat and i got a reduction of 50%, Thanks very much.

  129. Thanks Darren.

    I updated your comment with the new link

  130. Darren
  131. @Darren

    Hi Darren

    The link you provided isn’t working. Could you please have a look at it?



    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for the input. When I tried to pay using DGT website it didn’t allow me and someone told me only Spanish residents are able to pay the fine as you need to enter Spanish equivalent of NI No.

    If they are allowing to pay non residents using the DGT site then it is a very good news for others!

    Could anyone else please confirm this so I could update the post with this info?



  132. Sarah

    I received a fine by post following a holiday in Mallorca. I found it fairly straightforward to pay on the dgt.es website using google translate.

    Select passport from the id options, provide your passport number, surname then first name, and input the reference number (N.EXPEDIENTE, top right of page next to date and time of offence). Type in the digits only (12 in my case) ignoring the dashes and dots, and the total fine before discount. Mine was discounted automatically to 50 euros on the payment page where I was able to input credit card details and obtain a receipt.

  133. Darren

    Thanks for posting this information it was very helpful.

    One word of warning to all those who get their landline supplied by Virgin Media. The 902 prefix is a premium rate number & as such Virgin’s system will not accept calls to this number.

    I did however find the following link that is the online payment screen in English


    Document Type – Select EU Resident
    Document Number – Your passport number
    Name – Your Christian name
    1° Surname – Your Middle name shown on your passport
    2° Surname – Your Surname
    Date – Enter the date of the offence shown at the top of the letter
    Record Number – Is the N.EXPEDIENTE shown in the top righ hand corner (note do not enter the dots or dashes)
    Total amount – Amount shown in ‘IMPORTE TATAL MULTA’ (Do not deduct any discount the system does this)

    Click on Continue you can then enter your card details & enter an e-mail address for the confirmation to be sent.

    Hope this helps

    ** Edit: Link updated

  134. Hi Ron,

    Yes I know it can be quite confusing when you drive in mainland Europe.

    To be honest I always driven 10kph+ on top of the speed limit as everyone does in Spain!

    As long as you don’t receive the speeding fine you don’t need to worry about anything. So don’t worry about declaring to insurance, getting points on your licence etc.

    Actually Spanish authority can’t penalise you by giving points on your UK licence, they can only issue a fine.

    If you think you were caught on the speed camera, just wait for the letter. If you don’t receive anything by post, you can forget about that :)

  135. Ron

    Thanks very much, Mamun. I’ve recently been on holiday in Menorca and am anxious about speeding fine. To be completely honest I wasn’t sure what the limit was at that point in the road (50kph?) and it was a bigger engine than I’m used to so quite easy to go faster than you should. Was the flash obvious for people who were caught speeding? Did people get points on their driving licence? Do you have to declare it to insurance companies, and criminal records? Sorry to badger you with so many questions. Thanks so much for you useful post!

  136. Hi Mark,

    Good to hear that you paid the fine without any hassle. Also it is new to me that you can pay the fine using their site. They were not allowing before if you were outside of Spain.

    In regards to the Italian fine, I would suggest to pay that too, or they may issue an EU wide warrant against you., which I read on an expat forum.

    Anyway- at least the Spanish police will not bother you soon :)

  137. Thanks a lot Mamum.

    Telephoned them and they talked me through the website to the credit card payment section.

    Also received a fine from Italy but have ignored it so far and have received 2 reminders tried to pay but it was too complicated. Ah well will not go to Italy for a while
    Mark Watson

  138. Howard

    In the end i paid my fine successfully over the telephone.IT was very easey.

  139. Sean

    Thanks a lot for the information! I was lost after receiving the first letter and after googling on spanish speeding fine, I found your post.

    I paid the fine successfully by following your instruction. cheers mate!

  140. Hi Howard,

    If you are going to Spain, I think you should be able to pay the fine on the Post Offices

    And just in case give DGT a ring and tell them that you paid the fine

  141. Howard

    Has anyone paid the fine in spain,as i am returning on the 26th July,if so where do you pay it,any info appreciated. Thanks

  142. Hi Pam,

    Did the Spanish Embassy give you any information? I heard there was no human to pick up the phone and answer any of your questions.

    I had better result speaking to the DGT office in Spain directly.

    Anyway – glad to hear that you paid the fine successfully.

    Thanks for sharing with other readers! :)

  143. Pam

    Having rung the Spanish Embassy in London [and read your email again] I realise the date for the 50% reduction starts from the day I receive the demand. In my case the letter says I have 20 dias naturales from the date I received the demand to get 50% reduction. Awaiting confrimation that the car regn tallies with paperwork [with friend. Thanks again for the details of how to pay.

  144. Pam

    Good to find your website re Spanish speeding fines. I received a registered-type letter informing me of a E300 speeding fine in Menorca on May 19th this year – the letter came on sat July 16th. It is the first notification I have received about the apparent offence. I appear to have been denied the opportunity of paying on time to receive a discount – any ideas how I can challenge this? I am happy to pay a speeding fine once I confirm the car regn [same type of car -and dates tally with holiday date] but I should have received the notification in time to take advantage of the discount.
    I will phone Spanish Tourist Office in London tomorrow – would appreciate any advice available on my query.
    in hope, Pam

  145. Good for you Dave the Rave :D, They allowed me only 30 Euro discount for paying promptly. Not 50% as you got

  146. Dave the Rave

    Got 100 Euro one today, managed to pay it online using my visa card which gave me 50% discount. Bonus….

  147. No problem Phil. Hope you found this post useful :)

  148. phil

    just had the same letter in the post. i was confused too on the website. your post was a life saver. just paid it and got half off, still 150 euros though. many thanks

  149. mario

    I was very pleased to search out this web-site.I wished to thanks in your time for this wonderful learn!! I positively enjoying each little little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  150. Very good insight indeed!

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