Somali Piracy – Maritime Industry Can Learn from Hollywood

Somali pirates seize another boat.  It is a common news matter for the news channels and newspapers for last couple of years. It is believed to be the Pirates have been active in that region for quite a long time, but until they start attacking large ships, which are most of them are owned by American or European shipping companies, their activities were not highlighted in the media.

There were various attempt to eliminate the pirates, but there were very little success. Perhaps it is something to do with the political situation of Somalia.

Somalia doesn’t have an effective government since 1991. In fact the Pirates are treated like heroes [Somali version Robin hood?] in the sea shore areas.

So far the shipping companies handed over about $80 (£54) to the pirates and maybe more on the way. Maybe the Maritime Industry can think about a different approach to tackle this problem. The whole Somali Piracy issue reminds me one of the greatest western films ever made – Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. Where the rail company had the similar problem with train robbers and loosing money to them. To tackle the robbers they sent an empty train with professional posse.

In the same manner maybe they can send an empty vessel with military equipped with armoured speedboats.

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