Time for a Complete Database of Books?

As I mentioned to an earlier post that I have been trying to get rid of few thousands book, some of them are very rare and published in 60’s 70’s. Some of them doesn’t have any description or synopsis. I try to find information of the book using different sites. i.e. Amazon, Play.com, Google Book search etc. But none of them have a fully completed database.There are plenty of books they don’t find with ISBN number neither by title nor the author name.

I was listing the books on different sites one by one, which is very time consuming. I realise Green Metropolis.com and Amazon are the easiest place to list books for sell. But still I think it is a time for a comprehensive database of every single book has published so far. Where anyone would be able to find the books with description simply using the ISBN numbers.

I wonder why not the big players of the online book market offering their sellers to buy a cheap handheld scanner to allow them to upload the books? The scanner itself will be connected to a main database, after scanning the barcode the information about the books will automatically come up.

To grow the database they might request the publishers to add new books on volunteer basis. The publishers would have an opportunity to promote their book as well.

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books online are great, wether they are e-books or conventional hardbound and paperback books “.:


Where is the best place online to get information? I keep going to CBS but it just doesn’t seem that reliable. If you have a favorite that works decent please let me know!