The Ultimate Revolution – By The Media?

I came across to a video prepared by Casaleggio Associati – an Italian media consultancy firm – which objective is to develop a culture of network through original studies, strategic advice, articles, books, newsletters, seminars on the Web.

The animated video which is narrated in 2051(!) is rather interesting, they have forecasted few things, which initially seems not impossible.

The media supremacy starts from 1990s by inventing internet. Everything related to old media vanishes. The traditional media was in brink of closing down so it reacts by introducing stricter copyright law which resulted Napster the peer to peer music sharing website got sued. At the same time free radio based on the internet introduced as well as internet based TV.

A internet based news site appears, which is written by thousands of journalists around the world. The power of masses emerged.

Prosumer- producer and consumer of information evolves. Anyone can be Prosumer. All of the news channels become available on the internet to watch.

Blogs become more influential than the old media. News papers become a free object. The main cities of the world people are connected to internet for free.

A person can have multiple online identities. Radio, televisions and newspapers become state financed. And eventually traditional media got abandoned.
Google become mightier than ever. Google buys Microsoft. Amazon buys Yahoo.

Google, Amazon along with BBC, CNN and CCTV becomes the world universal content leader.

The concept of static information such as books, articles and still images transformed to knowledge flow. The creator can chose the own advertisement according the contents.

People will be able to share the memory with others as well as feelings and emotion.

Experience becomes the new reality.

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