The Future of Graduate Employment?


A friend of mine got redundant on the third month of his new job. He has been thinking of quitting this job as soon as he secure a new one. But before he resigned, he got “redundant”. The reason redundant is inside the quotation mark is, as soon as he stopped going to work, the very next week he saw advertisements for the same position on two different online jobsites. That means he was not redundant, they got rid of him. The only reason he could think of, they were not entirely happy with his output ability. He had five different interviews to get the job offer. Then what went wrong at the end? Lets talk through the five interviews he had have.

First Interview – Telephone – With an Agency:

  • Questions about what he is looking for
  • What he has done so far
  • If he is familiar with certain programming languages, IT packages etc.
  • What he thinks about this role
  • Is he interested to put his CV forward to their client (The employer)
  • What is his notice period
  • Interview availability etc


  • He got through for the next stage
  • Output ability not proven

Second Interview – Face to Face – With the Same Agency:

  • Computer based Analytical Interview
  • Registering with them by filling up a form
  • Keeping photocopy of his passport and proof of address
  • Same questions from the first interview


  • He got through for the next stage
  • Output ability not proven

Third Interview – Telephone – With the Employer:

Fourth Interview – Assessment Day – With the Employer:

Fifth and Final Interview- Senior Manager – With the Employer:

  • More or less the same classic questions
  • Computer based psychometric test
  • CV based questions


  • He got the job offer
  • Still output ability not proven !

Now the million dollar question is how it could be avoided from the both party ? Firstly the candidate was frustrated with the sheer level of day to day work. On the other side, the employer wanting more from him, ultimate result is they hiring someone else.


After the fourth round of interview the candidate can be offered a paid one or two weeks long temporary job. With no guaranty of permanent job offer. (Can be with or without other candidates). It is a kind of same idea used by many restaurants and bars. At this stage this idea applicable to only Graduate level of  employment or those who are changing the industry.

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