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You have a website or a blog. You started getting traffic through search engines. But after analysing the website statistics you realise your visitors are not coming back to your site again. You know your website is compatible with all browsers, there is no copied content issue either, but still you wonder what other things you can improve. There might be few issues with this problem. The main factor you need to focus on the content of the site.

Presuming your site has quite good contents and you realise that from the feedback given by the visitors. There might be another issue with your site you never considered.

Do you know how long does it take your site to load to a web browser? If you visit your own site from your own computer it seems it loads quite fast. It is because you already visited your site so much that your computer has most of the temporary file saved in your computer hence it loads quite fast using your own.

To measure the loading time of your site you can use a website called Webwait. It will precisely measure the load timing of your site.

There are few options on the site. After putting your website address you can change the options. You can decide how many times you want your site to be loaded by Webwait. You can change the interval timings too.

At the end of the tests the tool will give you the average loading time of your site. If you see your website taking too long to load, maybe its time to tweak your web site.

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I was very pleased to find this site. This is an intelligent and well written article, you must have put a fair amount of research into writing this. Thank you