Jeremy Clarkson on Gordon Brown

Yet another gaffe from Jeremy Clarkson. This time he landed on Gordon brown. According to OZ newspapers, he branded Gordon Brown as a “One-eyed Scottish idiot”. What a silly remark to make. His rattling so called jokes can make anyone uncomfortable. Most of his TV shows full of English, French, American etc etc rants. No, they are not funny at all.

I wonder why BBC paying him millions for ? Top Gear can be better off without him. When I compare James May or the little one’s (give credit to Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson) solo shows to Top gear, I find shows without him are more digestive. I have to admit Clarkson’s young age shows were promising. But what happened to him for last few years ? Is it something to do he is in business for too long ? Ummm….maybe ! How about putting him in BCG matrix table?


Jeremy Clarkson BCG Matrix

Jeremy Clarkson BCG Matrix






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