Has Mohamed Al-Fayed Appointed a New PR Agent?


Mohamed Al-Fayed and negative media coverage in a decent level goes hand to hand since he had a feud with Roland ‘Tiny’ Rowland, the head of Lonrho, over buying House of Fraser in 1985. Since then he has been trying to establish himself into the British elite society, by seeking British Citizenship unsuccessfully, also by donating millions to British charities.

There is no doubt about Mohamed Al-Fayed’s generosity towards charities and organisations. According to his website he is associated with 12 various charities so far.
There are two individual news caught my eye in the last few months.

1.Mohamed Al-Fayed to pay medical bills for Alexandra Burke’s mum [December 2008]
2.Harrods boss gives Jade Goody £3,500 wedding dress [February 2009]

I am not going to argue over if they were good decision or he has done it for the sake of cheap publicity. The thing I realised is, there is a similarity in both cases. They both drew huge media attention and both got sympathy from the public in some level, and Al-Fayed successfully associated himself with both of them. The timings are vital too. After coming back to England from Switzerland in 2005 to live, he has achieved very little attention from media which includes an alleged sexual assault on an underaged girl.

In the mid nineties Al-Fayed was represented publicly by public relations expert Michael Cole, I wonder who is his PR agent now.

The way Al-Fayed is getting media attention, hopefully it will not hit him back in the same manner as Allen Stanford is experiencing.

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