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How do you know your work is not already stolen ? How do you know your work is already published somewhere else without your consent ? In this era of technology, protecting your work/blog from plagiarism is quite difficult. But once your work is published online and viewed by millions of users around the globe, how you are going to know that someone else has not already re-published your work verbatim on the web and not giving you the reasonable credit ? At first you have to know if your work copy exist somewhere else.

There are some java script code available which doesn’t allow a user to right click on their mouse but still it is copy able and you wouldn’t know if it is re-published already.

To solve this problem you can use a website called Copyscape. It is free to use. Very easy to use BUT there is a limitation. It only allows maximum 5 searches per month for a site for free. You can search only your most favourite and popular blogs/articles. You have to pay (yuk!) if you want to search more pages. Still better than nothing !


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